Fair Usage Policy

  1. Acceptance

By buying our services, in any way, you automatically accept Centerfield Ltd’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP).

2. General Information
2.1. Centerfield Ltd. provides web hosting services to prospective and established customers, worldwide. The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) exists to ensure that we can provide the best possible service to our clients. Clients registering and purchasing a service with Centerfield Ltd agree to and are subject to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the Fair Usage Policy

2.2. The content of this FUP are intended as general guidelines and, while not meant to be exhaustive, will try to detail general usage and practices in the best possible way for prospective, and current customers, to verify and successfully abide to. In general terms, any conduct that violates law regulations or the accepted norms of the internet is prohibited, even if not expressely mentioned in this AUP – a gray-area kind of service could apply in a server-to-server, area-to-area basis.

2.3. We reserve the right at all times to prohibit activites that are deemed unacceptable, and could damage our reputation and goodwill as well as our customers’ reputation and goodwill. We will be the sole and final arbitrar on what constitutes a violation of our policies. All undertaken decisions are final, unless otherwise stated.

3.1. Resource Abuse: Resource Abuse consists of any activity, intentional or otherwise, that consumes enough system resources to negatively impact other customers, upstream providers or physical equipment. Centerfield Ltd reserves itself the right to rate-limit or entirely block any access to the services.

3.2. Unsolicited Communications: Any email-based communications sent without the consent of the recepient. Knowingly permitting or initiating Unsolicited Communications can be grounds for immediate termination, and imply a persona non grata ban, deterring the infractor of buying any future service.

3.3. Malicious Content: Any type of script, code, or other file that performs harmful action, either to the user affected or as a bulk action triggered by the user. Any content that violates United Kingdom’s local laws and/or the local server’s country laws. Knowingly permitting or hosting Malicious Content can imply immediate termination, and a persona non grata ban, deterring further purchases of any future service with Centerfield Ltd.

4. Actions against abuse, Cryptocurrency-framing, pornography-framing, and server changes
4.1. Intentional Abuse: Intentional / Malicious usage is defined as any action knowingly performed by the user, or any specific person a user has authorized to access the service, that is categorized in the above Abuse Definition. All services on the user’s account will immediately be terminated without compensation, with the exception of specifics where a court order demands evidence to be turned over to respective law enforcement. The user may be permanently banned from holding any further service with Centerfield Ltd.

4.2. Users actively and objectively undertaking malicious activities, after being notified of those and failing to change behaviour (both conditions simultaneously), and with the exception of unknown partaking of those activities (e.g. due to a security breach outside of the scope of C-Servers’ services that also happens to affect some servers associated with the company), may also have some additional consequences directly associated with the type of malicious activity applicable to the affected services.

4.3. Cryptocurrency mining, unless otherwise specified (due to upstream or datacenter policies for a particular server), is not prohibited, as long as the CPU impact is under 25% (regular and burstable) per customer, per shared (VPS) services, and billing is, at least, quarterly. Cryptocurrency nodes and mining should be adjusted and configured accordingly. A specific tailored-for virtual private server can be given to the customer that wishes to fully dedicate CPU time to such services or to use a higher CPU share; in order to account for the request, a ticket shall be sent to C-Servers, for analysis and potential repricing of the service. If the customer is not a Centerfield Ltd’s current customer, he/she/they should buy, previously to such request, at least a quarterly-invoiced VPS for idling until final approval from Centerfield Ltd.

4.4. Centerfield Ltd reserves the right, with or without prior notice depending on what may be possible in each moment (priority is given to formal notification prior to any change for any customer, it is most desirable), to move a customer to other equivalent server or, if not possible, other as-close-as-possible type of server, in order to ensure business continuity, law-compliance for any specifically-located server, or other relevant technical reasons. Any technical non-equivalence in terms of pricing and service between the old and the new servers/performance will be dealt manually, ensuring the customer never loses, and negotiated directly with the customer.

4.5. Some activities do not have consequences for first offenders, others do, as per the following description:

4.5.1. Hosting copyrighted content/linking to pirated content (unless, at least, on DMCA-lenient/ignored services) – if a DMCA warning is issued, 1st offenders exempted with FUP and “First Offenders” section redisclosed; 2nd and following offenders formally notified of DMCA. 7th and following reported, applicable and fully fulfilled abuse reports, over the span of 6 months, render immediate termination of the services with no refund or compensation; if any abuse report fails to comply, it’s considered outside of the responsibility of the alleged abuser. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.2. Open proxies to public (unless on specifically pre-authorized services/IPs) – 1st offenders over the span of 6 months not exempted, with “First Offense” section applicable (service will be rate-limited); services with more than 5 IPs serving as an open proxy, without proper authorization, will be considered as intentional abuse, the same for 2nd and following offenders, with those terms applicable. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.3. Stress testers (including Yabs and network-speed.sh, among others), over 6 consecutive hours per year and unless strictly justified and authorized – 1st offenders over the span of 12 months formally notified and exempted with FUP and “First Offense” section redisclosed, with no consequences other than a VPS restart; 2nd offenders will be remembered of the current policy, rate-limited to 100 Mbps, and performance-limited to a quarter of the full performance for 72 hours; for 3nd and following offenders, or for customers that are detected deliberately using “cron” or any similar tool to script a continuous or near-continuous stress-test to the VPS, “Intentional Abuse” terms will be applicable. Applicable to: VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized.

4.5.4. Mail/SMS bombers – 1st offenders over the span of 24 months rate-limited to 5 Mbps (640 KB/s) on global network speed and formally notified of FUP terms and “First Offense”, in order to correct their stance in 48 hours, otherwise it’s considered a 2nd offense; 2nd offenders suspended for 7 days; 3rd offenders will have “Intentional Abuse” terms applicable, with an additional financial penalty of 20 GBP or the equivalent in their local paid currency if the sent e-mails are found to represent a malicious purpose (e.g. virus, phishing, smishing). Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized).

4.5.5. Mass e-mailing (unless specifically pre-authorized or in an adequate bought-for service) – 1st and 2nd offenders over the span of 24 months notified of FUP terms, “First Offense” section redisclosed (2 times); 3nd and following offenders with “Intentional Abuse” terms applicable; an additional financial penalty of 20 GBP or the equivalent in their local paid currency will be issued if mass-emailing represents an objectively malicious purpose (e.g. virus, spam, wrong use of mailing databses). Border and guerrila marketing are not included under this penalty, as well as subjective marketing techniques – the malicious action must be objective, and if objective proof is redeemable (e.g. by proof of sent e-mails). Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.6. Resource-intensive activities on neighbouring servicing (please check specific per-service terms)
CPU: over 4 hours isolated and 12 hours aggregate per month,
Networking: over 2 hours isolated and 4 hours aggregate per month,

will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd offenders over the span of 6 months notified of FUP terms, “First Offense” section redisclosed (3 times), customer must describe what’s happening with rate-limiting to 50% of the predisposed performance (CPU, RAM, HDD if technically feasible, network) of any bought-for services for 72 hours (manually applied). 4th and following offenders will have applicable “Intentional Abuse” terms. The strikes are manual and may be more lenient or ignored, depending on each customer’s need and the potential availability of Centerfield Ltd’s solutions to sort the issue. Centerfield Ltd, if ignoring or lenient to such an overage, will explicitly write and acknowledge that on the answer for any applicable offense, at any time. This rate-limit won’t be applicable to: RAM on services under 1536 MB, to CPU shares under 1.8 GHz on a single vCore or their equivalent in multiple vCores, and network speeds of 50 Mbps or lower. Also not applicable if prior resource-intensive usage is pre-authorized and depending on any specific terms written and agreed between C-Servers and the customer.

Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized).

4.5.7. IP Spoofing for objectively found-for malicious purposes if any complaint is filed with C-Servers or Centerfield Ltd, or if common sense determines it is objectively malicious activity – 1st offenders notified as per “First Offense” terms, FUP terms also notified, service suspended, and answer must be given in a 24h notice; if no action is taken under that period, the customer doesn’t correct its stance or the action is non-fulfilling of the issue, following action from Centerfield Ltd will be direct, with “Intentional Abuse” policies fully in place. Specific to IPv4 spoofing, a financial penalty of 30 GBP or the equivalent in local currency will also be applied to account for IP reputation recovery, and/or repurchase. This fee is not applicable to IPv6. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.8. Network/port-scanning – 1st offenders notified as per “First Offense” terms, FUP terms notified. 2nd offenders renotified of FUP terms and “First Offense” with a 7 day suspension of any service. 3rd and following offenders with “Intentional Abuse” terms applicable. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.9. Distribution of security credentials and personal information pertaining to C-Server’s internal servers/service – if not caused due to specifics outside of the control of the customer, if not pre-authorized and if not otherwise stated/verified differently, this is a serious and intentional issue, so 1st offenders are outright applied by the “Intentional Abuse” terms, with a penalty of 50 GBP or the equivalent in their local currency. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.10. DoS attacks – as this is a serious and sometimes intentional issue, 1st offenders will be first notified as per “First Offense” terms, FUP terms notified, and they must reply to the request as soon as possible; if no objectively non-malicious or inadvertently done action has caused the DoS attacks from the customer (or to Centerfield Ltd’s servers), and the eventual ongoing DoS attack doesn’t stop immediately on the span of 60 minutes after the 2nd notification, comprising a formal confirmation of policy violation, notified through any applicable means, “Intentional Abuse” terms will be applicable immediately, with a penalty of 100 GBP per incident, if the responsibility is identifiable, as well as a persona-non-grata ban. This excludes pre-authorized network and DoS protection-testing, as well as found-for issues outside of the scope of action for the agents involved – it pertains only to objectively malicious activity. If the customer was intentional, and stops the DoS attack on or before the formal notification happens, no penalty will be applicable, but a 2nd deliberate, non-inadverted offense, will imply direct “Intentional Abuse” terms, a persona-non-grata ban and a penalty of 100 GBP or the equivalent in local currency, for the incident, without any further notification other than the application of such drastic measures. Our customers’ services and data are to be protected, respected and not tampered with, at any time. Any botnet inadvertedly-done action of any customer, and/or executed by malicious agents outside of Centerfield Ltd’s services/servers, won’t imply any of those terms naturally, but may imply temporary suspension, restart on those services, or any pre-authorized action from the customer by C-Servers’ support, in order to correct any issues undergoing with their local service. Under non-malicious action such as the one hereby described, no penalty or consequence is ever applicable, regardless of the number of offenses/strikes undertaken or applicable. This penalty is exclusively associated with malicious intent executed from, or to, Centerfield’s servers.

Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized).

4.5.11. DDoS attacks – same terms of “DoS attacks”, but the penalty applicable will be 150 GBP or the equivalent in local currency. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized).

4.5.12. TOR exit nodes (unless on specifically pre-authorized services) – 1st offenders formally notified as per “First Offense” terms, FUP notified as well. 2nd and following offenders will have “Intentional Abuse” terms applied. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.13. Open DNS resolvers – if inequivocally associated with other illegal activity, after a case-by-case analysis, will render a formal notification of 1st offenders of “First Offense” terms and FUP, and 2nd and following offenders will have “Intentional Abuse” terms applied. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.14. Hide Your IP websites (proxying with an interface) – “open proxies to public” terms apply. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.15. Vulnerability scanning – 1st offenders with service immediatly terminated as per “Intentional Abuse” terms applied, with the exception of pre-authorized (ethical hacking) vulnerability-scanning services. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.16. Bruteforce attacks – 1st offenders with service immediatly terminated as per “Intentional Abuse” terms applied, with the exception of pre-authorized (ethical hacking) bruteforce tests. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.17. Botnets, malware distribution and similar – “DDoS attacks” terms are applicable. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.18. Pornography is not prohibited (unless on specific non-authorized services – and following terms are only applicable to any non-DMCA lenient/ignored services), the exception being any kind of CPU time usage for acessible content surpassing 60% CPU utilization and/or very intensive network usage over a long period (use the “resource-intensive activities” reference, pertaining to your service, for analysis and sucessful mitigation). If such instances actually happen, the customer will be contacted and if it accepts, moved to at least a non-managed VDS, in order to fully use their resources and avoiding bad neighbouring. If the customer doesn’t know, or doesn’t wish, to manage a VDS, he/she/they will be moved (with further agreement) to at least a managed VDS. The amount will either be prorata’ed in time to account for remaining paid-for invoices, or refunded at the very same time a new service is billed with the correspondent invoice. If the customer doesn’t wish to proceed with the service, C-Servers reserves the right to rate-limit the service and its performance in such a way that the website, while still accessible, will not affect other neighbouring users, and no additional service will be offered after the end of the billing period, which will allow for sucessful migration from the customer. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.19. Extreme pornography (unless otherwise stated), if infringing United Kingdom or a country’s local server laws, is always prohibited, including but not limited to, for example, child pornography. Even on DMCA-lenient/ignored services and offshore destinations, if a court order arises regarding any kind of pornography, the user will abide as fully responsible for any eventual damages. 1st offenders over the span of 12 months have a formal notification for FUP terms and “First Offense”, 2nd and following offenders will have their services abide to “Intentional Abuse” terms. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.5.20. Usenet (unless otherwise specified and specifically pre-authorized) – 1st offense over the span of 3 months will have FUP terms notified and will be rate-limited, applicable to the exact extent of additional overage that was detected regarding such a service; please check “Resource-intensive activities” for further analysis. 2nd offense will have their services suspended for 3 days; 3rd offense for 7 days; 4th and following offenses will have their services abide to “Intentional Abuse” terms. Applicable to: VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized.

4.5.21. Phishing (on non DMCA-lenient or DMCA-ignore services) – “Mail/SMS bombers” terms are applicable. Applicable to: all services (shared/reseller, VPS/VDS, dedicated, specialized)

4.6. Infractors will be billed in the possible ways in order to abide for such damage. If there is no amount to pay for, an invoice will be pending for the customer to pay. If there is an insufficient amount to pay for, Centerfield Ltd will bill to the possible extent, consider the invoice/penalty partially paid, notify the customer accordingly as per best practices, and the remaining amount will be kept pending; if, in any case, an invoice is pending for over 8 weeks, the customer will be declared persona non grata.

4.7. At any time, fraud checks and KYC may be applicable, and failure to comply with those may imply direct termination of service, subject to appeal to Centerfield Ltd, but also to Centerfield Ltd’s final decision.

4.8. In very exceptional circumstances, especially for rights activists, politically-implied persons and other similar use cases, authorization can be given via a private, non-targeted phone call or any other relevant medium, and those will be authorized at sole Centerfield Ltd’s discretion on which servers, procedures and security measures to undertake. The targeted person must work with Centerfield Ltd in order to ensure that both sides, provider and user, are correctly abiding to the best practices. Centerfield Ltd, unless otherwise specifically limited by external agents or other factors outside of the company’s control, supports, and fully stands for, free speech, and will support those that wish to express themselves in the most effective and less-technically and/or legally self-impacting way.

4.9. Centerfield Ltd considers “a day” as a complete period of regular time, from 00h00 to 23h59.

4.10. First Offense: The offending service will be brought offline or nulled, and/or left in a suspended, rate-limited or performance-limited state. A support ticket or e-mail will be sent to the service owner detailing the detected course of action, as well as the necessary steps required to resolve the issue. The service owner, unless otherwise stated, must reply to the ticket in under 72 hours, and even if it doesn’t acknowledge the issue, correcting the problem is demanded – as soon as those changes are done (and they must be done under 72 hours), the service will be reactivated to the full extent of it, the service owner will have further 72 hours to state how it wishes to prevent any further abuse, and finally, unless not technically possible under that timetable and replaced by another deadline by the customer or Centerfield Ltd’s services, another 72 hours to implement such measures. Any non-compliance throughout the process will result in immediate service termination without refund.

4.11. Centerfield Ltd won’t speed up the maximum response times to DMCA-requests or any other formal institutional or governmental requests regarding, among others, copyright issues, even if legally threatened to do so by anyone, as we strongly believe that all agents must be responsible and have the necessary space of mind, and right, to effectively correct any kind of issue in a timely, far-reaching, perfectly reasonable and non-pressured manner, which in turn will ensure further abuse will be avoided by increased effectiveness compared to Centerfield Ltd merely and blindly abiding to the requested, and pressuring any customer, which we won’t do.

4.11.1. Those hours are counted as continuous days for regular customers, and contained inside business days for companies (e.g. if a reactivation occurs on a Wednesday, the owner will have until next Monday to state how it wishes to prevent further abuse, and until the following Thursday to comply). This is due to the fact that most companies do not have working personnel on weekends and holidays; nevertheless, this is only applicable for verifiable, correctly-registered companies, in any country, with at least 6 months of existence.

5. Neighbouring services, support and resource usage: fair usage
5.1. Most companies don’t specify what they mean by “fair usage”, leaving customers to either self-assess if they might do it, verify with other customers their practical tolerance for such services, or notifying customers when they exceed certain thresholds. Centerfield Ltd is one of the few companies that will outright specify what is considered fair usage for our customers. Even considering this, customers should not only do their due-dilligence, but also verify practical performance of Centerfield Ltd’s services and ensure correct, polite and plentiful communication, as Centerfield Ltd will, as well.

5.2. Resources such as CPU, network and disk I/O are shared amongst clients on a given node. In Centerfield Ltd, as it happens with all other companies, and in order to ensure optimization of the node is good and great service exists at the best price, virtual private servers and shared/reseller hosting may imply some oversell, although Centerfield Ltd will never oversell services in such a way that performance is visibly degraded. In fact, Centerfield Ltd’s stance is on trying not to oversell any existing node. If and when such overselling happens, it will be the minimum possible, for the minimum time possible – even if it means the company’s optimization of nodes may leave some little remaining resources, in order to ensure everyone has standard, modern, levels of performance throughout and according to their utilization. We also optimize by taking our time thinking on the best way to deploy the node, before actual deployment of any node, in order to ensure that the adopted technologies and procedures are the best possible, the starting levels of performance available to split are the best ones possible, and sharing any load (for shared/reseller hosting) between different servers is effective, if applicable.

5.3. Centerfield Ltd may notify a customer if it has detected changed usage or different usage that might lead his VPS experience, medium to long term, to be less then stellar, and if the customer agrees, change their VPS to another node in order to ensure his maximum satisfaction. As per the T&Cs, Centerfield Ltd strives to have 100% positive feedback from customers, and that implies personalized, custom assessment of both node capacity, VPS implementation and eventual overselling to be addressed in the best way possible.

5.4. Nevertheless, if your service is persistently using these shared resources for intensive tasks for a prolonged period of time and/or disrupting the experience of other clients sharing the same node repeatedly in such a way that we can’t solve it without notifying you, we will still have to notify you, in order for you to optimize/reduce your usage. In severe cases, we may reboot, shutdown or suspend your VPS until this is remedied, with or without refund.

5.5. We will only act if the experience of clients is globally affected by any specific resource usage on a server.

5.6. These are considered the regular limits you should aim to, regarding resource usage on Centerfield Ltd:

5.6.1. Excluding specific ExtraVPS and VDS offers (where otherwise stated), CPU time must not go over 60% for over 4 consecutive hours (240 min). In an isolated incident, you may be notified when such overusage enters the 4-6 hour window, and/or if it happens 4 consecutive times in a month. Going over those limits may, or may not, be accounted in any way, but when you are notified, please kindly consider you will have 2 extra hours of overage to use at any time until the end of a regular month period (01st-31st), that those will be monitored for your specific use case, and that further usage in those terms will further abide by “resource-intensive usage” terms, as stated above on this FUP. There’s no priority difference between any of our VPS offers, nor any reduction in CPU speed. At most, our CPU scheduler may act in order to either increase CPU speed or queue requests.

5.6.2. RAM memory does not have strict percentages – while our target and node planning is for 100% availability at any given moment, memory may be shared among users, although C-Servers does take a very strict and conservative approach on any management of RAM. No memory balooning is and will be operated in any of our services. At most, RAM speed might be a little slower, but that might happen rarely and you’ll still have access to the full RAM capacity of your VPS. Since C-Servers does not communicate any specific percentage on this setting, no FUP will be applicable for any overusage of this resource (excluding objectively and deliberately fraudulent usage).

5.6.3. HDD space is strictly sliced and internally managed to ensure any user can enjoy their available space. No penalties are applicable.

5.6.4. Network usage is 40% guaranteed in speed under or equal to 500 Mbps, 30% guaranteed over 500 Mbps, and fully guaranteed in bandwidth allowance if that is specified. This means that the speeds below are the guaranteed speeds for the following classes of service, applicable as best-effort:

100 Mbps best-effort – 40 Mbps guaranteed
250 Mbps best-effort – 100 Mbps guaranteed
500 Mbps best-effort – 200 Mbps guaranteed
750 Mbps best-effort – 225 Mbps guaranteed
1000 Mbps best-effort – 300 Mbps guaranteed
2500 Mbps best-effort – 750 Mbps guaranteed
4000 Mbps best-effort – 1200 Mbps guaranteed
5000 Mbps best-effort – 1500 Mbps guaranteed
7500 Mbps best-effort – 2250 Mbps guaranteed
8400 Mbps best-effort – 2520 Mbps guaranteed The last class of service is always reported as “8.4 Gbps True Bandwidth” because, even if the connection is done at 10 Gbps, due to incapsulation and other similar technical aspects of XGS-PON fiber networks, only 8.4 Gbps are available, at best, on any moment. If, for any reason in the future, technology advances in such a way that the 1.6 Gbps aren’t lost, and a customer has a 10 Gbps VPS or shared hosting with Centerfield Ltd, those speeds will be passed on to the ensured sold 10 Gbps speed. Naturally, other relevant factors may affect the above-stated classes of service, especially peering or technical difficulties at any given moment. Centerfield Ltd does not take any responsibility for incorrect peering, although it strives constantly to improve connecting to the other servers on the Internet for every of its services. If bandwidth allowance is sold as “unlimited” (especially applicable to shared and reseller hosting), that means that while unlimited, bandwidth usage will be monitored by C-Servers – in speed only, not in what is being used – and, if bandwidth usage goes past a certain amount, the user may have to be rate-limited in speed until the end of the supporting VPS or server-billing period (whichever comes later), obviously conserving a minimally-usable speed for the sustained websites and VPSs to operate correctly. The exact rate-limiting may be negotiated between C-Servers and the customer (that is treated as a Level 2 request). For e.g., if a shared-hosting service, in tandem with other services or not, has come close to use the max-speed traffic allowance of the main server, C-Servers will have to rate-limit the services in such a way that guarantees at least the dedicated speeds for VPS users and a usable speed for shared hosting services, at sole discretion of C-Servers, but never under 50 Mbps upload and download for any website. Shared-hosting services provided by C-Server are not suited for video hosting over 20 2K-resolution videos per website, regardless of the number of visitors, and services going over this limit may be suspended until either the customer negotiates a higher limit at a higher price, or reduces either the number of hosted videos on the website or their resolution (for example, to 1080p, 720p or SD). There are video services dedicated to video hosting that can provide embedding of those videos on our customers’ websites, and as such there’s no need to make things harder for everyone.

6. There is no difference of treatment between monthly-paying shared hosting customers and lifetime customers, and there never will be. Any technical advances that are done for regular-paying customers will be given as well to lifetime customers. This also means that any limitation will work as well in tandem with those. Lifetime is lifetime, and C-Servers will keep providing services to these customers, as long as it still exists as a company.

7. Support usage from the customer must follow one simple rule – for organization and effectiveness of support, 1 ticket per incident (regardless of the number of issues arising under that incident). It’s pointless to open multiple tickets over the same issue, sorted out or not, as it gives extra work to who is actually working for the customer, and unmercilessly delays responses to any other customer which may, or may not, have any urgency. Our response must be stellar, C-Servers doesn’t want less than that, and we must be efficient in the way our support resources are used.

7.2. Responses must be dealt with under the same conversation history between the customer and C-Servers for a given incident, at any time.

8. Full-Refund warranty (60 days / 99.95% uptime)
8.1. Centerfield Ltd. guarantees, for shared hosting, reseller hosting, specialized hosting, MultiVPS and MultiVDS product services, a 60-day refund on all of our offerings paid at least quarterly, on the first paid invoice for each service of the customer with the company, irrespective of using any other upstream that provides those or not.

8.1.1. On monthly billing, the maximum refund warranty is 30 days. By law, the recommended period is usually 14 days or doesn’t exist. Dedicated servers, due to their specific nature, are not included in this guarantee and are non-refundable but their service can be revoked, as long as their manual order has not completed.

8.1.2. Refund processing times do not count towards this timeframe. E.g. if a customer requests a formal refund on the last of the 60-day refund warranty, it will still count, regardless of the fact that the processing time may take up to 5 business days and any KYC may still be applicable.

8.1.3. Anonymous and partially-identified accounts, for security and fraud purposes, do not apply for this warranty and are non-refundable. KYC may apply for mostly-identified accounts (see T&Cs). Lifetime accounts also don’t apply for this warranty, as it is considered and implied that the customer fully trusts the company on the moment of the transaction.

8.1.4. Payment gateway fees will be deducted from the refund, whenever those aren’t refunded to us as well (see T&Cs for further detail and reasoning). If those are refunded to C-Servers, Centerfield Ltd will be happy to fully refund the customer with the paid amount.

8.2. In order for a refund to be processed under that warranty, no fraud grounds shall exist, and one of the following must happen:

The customer is not satisfied with the service, for any reason;
The customer, while satisfied, has a technical issue that is the responsibility of C-Servers.

8.3. In order to prevent abuse, only 1 full refund can be requested, per customer, over a period of 6 months. Additionally, prorata may apply at sole C-Servers’ discretion for repeated refund usage of any given customer (3 refund requests over the span of 24 months); for refund requests on already-existing full-year billed customers that renew but, over the span of the first 60 days of the following calendar year, wish to terminate the service; or if a customer tries to use any refund on the last and first 30 days of a calendar year.

8.4. This means that, for example:

  • If the customer has 4 newly-active services with C-Servers, and wishes to cancel all of them over the first 60 days, that request is granted and the customer will be fully refunded;
  • If the customer has 2 newly-active services with C-Servers, cancels the two of them over the first 60 days, resubscribes under that same period to other service and still submits a cancellation request over the earlier first 60 days, the request is granted and the customer is fully refunded;
  • If the customer has 2 newly-active services with C-Servers, cancels both on the first 60 days (e.g. January 25th), and resubscribes after the first 60 days but within the span of the first countable 6 months (e.g. May 1st), counting from the day of the first subscribed service, the request is not granted, the customer won’t be refunded as it is considered a returning customer;
  • If the customer has had an yearly-paid service with C-Servers since 2021, pays his new yearly invoice on February 4th 2024 and asks for a refund on February 9th, under the first 60 days of that new renewal, the request is granted, the customer is refunded the full year, but the refund will have deducted the number of days that service has been newly-invoiced and active (5 days).
  • The same rule applies for half-yearly, bienally and trienally payments.
  • Any initiated chargeback (applicable on non-PayPal credit and debit card transactions) may deny the customer any refund at any point, given that Centerfield Ltd is kindly providing a much higher-than-usual refund warranty for the customer. In addition, the customer may be fared an additional 15 GBP to cover for the chargeback and manual handling fees, if applicable.

8.6. Centerfield Ltd. also ensures a 99.95% uptime on all our offerings over a 365-day period. That translates to a maximum of 4 hours and 22 minutes (or 262 minutes) of downtime, per year, excluding programmed and previously warned-for manteinance, any restarts and any C-Server’s customer-generated shutdown or action. If, for any reason, C-Servers’s downtime exceeds 262 minutes per full calendar year (01 Jan – 31 Dec), any customer will be automatically prorata’ed for the correspondent downtime according to their type of payment, over the next invoice, without needing to submit any ticket at any time, as C-Servers fully believes in self-responsibility and accountability.

8.6.1. For example, if a 60 GBP per year VPS service ends up being down for 10% of the full calendar year, uptime-wise, for reasons that are C-Servers’ responsibility or external reasons outside of C-Servers’ scope (e.g. electricity failures, DDoS, eventual upstream/rented service deadpooling and correspondent server transfer), that will ensure a 9.95% refund for the current held-for service and the customer will pay, on the next invoice, 54,03 GBP or, if it doesn’t wish to renew, will recieve in any customer-designated account the refunded 5.97 GBP.

8.6.2. Centerfield Ltd. will also ensure partial availability of services is adequatly taken care of, in that regard. If a customer opens a ticket regarding objectively bad service performance, or an overloaded node is detected, and action is either not taken or, if taken, not enough to entirely sort the issue to reasonable terms (per sole C-Server’s discretion, but also considering reasonable general rule-of-thumb minimum speeds, technology-wise), the customer will have a discount on the next monthly invoice, automatically applied (or account-credited if not automatically applied due to any kind of error). If yearly, the discount/credit is prorata’ed on 12 months, for as many months as the service has been under that partial availability.

8.7. DDoS limitations of speed and peering quality, when under a DDoS attack and for DDoS-protected services, are not considered neither downtime nor partial availability, as C-Servers will ensure, with the DDoS-protection from the external provider, that there’s at least a reasonable amount of speed and bandwidth available for all services to continue to fully operate. Naturally, if a DDoS manages to take even the full protection down, that does count as downtime and/or partial availability, depending on the nature of the attack.

8.8. Under very big downtime events, over 5 full days (120h consecutive) on any given month, every customer will have at least 15 extra days of free service and may have some additional offerings, at C-Servers’ sole discretion, in order to incentivize the customer to stick to C-Servers (e.g. temporary or permanent pricing discount, extra cores/RAM/HDD/network, increased days of free service). Those offers will be announced as soon as they are decided.

8.9. Other compensations will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


Last Update: 2024-05-07, 18h05 GMT+0

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