Your server, wherever you are

Are you a power user looking for a virtual server tailored to your multiple needs? extraVPS is for you – 4 to 8+ vCPUs and 4 to 16GB+ RAM, with networking to match, a even higher fair share than advertised, and an unbeatable pricing.

And if you need it dedicated, there’s the equivalent to those offerings, with VDS (soon).

Tailoring the power of our Platform to your needs.

This complete automation solution, among the best in its class, has also some very relevant addons that you might see fit to your usage. Upon checkout, you will see some of those, but you can add more at any time. Feel free to explore them – one is for you!

Explore the potential of your server with C-Servers.

Our VPS offerings are based on the in-kernel KVM packages, with the all-new SolusVM 2.0 – and our expertise – keeping it all together.

But we offer so much more than this – in fact, we have a huge variety of ISOs and Linux OS available to cater to your needs. In fact, more than 20! From Devuan to Ubuntu, including several Enterprise Linux offerings, it’s all here.

Tailor your operating system to you, with C-Servers.

C-Servers includes on-the-fly kernel patching for FREE, in order to avoid downtime.

Want to ensure backups are butter-smooth?

Your VPS has backup solutions on the Sia network, as well as plain hard drives in our internal network, ensuring fallbacks that will prevent any issues. Plus we guarantee to deliver your backup should you need it, at any time.


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